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Purpose & Principles | Episode 27 – Levi Lindsay — Co-Founder VidArmy

Levi Lindsay

In this episode, I chat with another young entrepreneur, Levi Lindsay — Co-Founder of VidArmy. Levi has learned a lot about leadership and business in a few short years. He found good mentors and people who were willing to share and help along the way as well. The business is growing and the team is working hard and producing results.

In Levi’s words: “I have been a part of creating businesses from the ground up. I have learned how to make a business fun to work for, grow like crazy, and be sustainable. I have the ability to speak with people, and verbally articulate a message, and teach new concepts.”

Levi has a wife of 5 years from Pleasant Grove, UT. They have a 1 1/2 year old daughter that has Levi wrapped around her little finger. He loves to take his dirt bike up in the mountains any chance he gets. Levi served a two year mission for his church in Los Angeles. He has started a few small businesses, but considers VidArmy his greatest accomplishment. They have goals to revolutionize the video production industry, making it affordable and easy.