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Purpose & Principles | Episode 26 – McKenzie Bauer — Co-founder & CMO Thread Wallets

McKEnzie Bauer

McKenzie Bauer is the co-founder and CMO of the successful start-up called Thread Wallets. This conversation is all full of insights about the startup and leadership journey. Listen in!

McKenzie describes her journey this way,

“In 2015 my husband, Colby, and I founded Thread Wallets. Through our venture, we have found an irreplaceable sense of freedom and happiness as we see our vision unfold. I love coming up with creative ways to market a product or idea and I enjoy brainstorming ways to build long-lasting brands.

I believe in the power of surrounding yourself with smart and talented people who are dedicated to creating and building. I love helping others achieve success for themselves and I feel passionate about helping them find the same freedom I have found in my entrepreneurial and creative pursuits.”