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Purpose & Principles I S2 E48: Dr Matt Pollard & Scott Saxton — Continuous Improvement in Patient Care

Podcast with Pollard and Saxton

Listen in with Dr. Matt Pollard and Scott Saxton, two of the leaders of continuous improvement at Intermountain Healthcare. This journey has brought incredible and meaningful results along the way. Hear the stories and be inspired!

Dr. Pollard is the Vice President of Continuous Improvement at Intermountain Healthcare. His passion is engaging leaders, physicians and caregiver teams in improving healthcare and patient outcomes through Continuous Improvement. He has trained many healthcare providers in the use of Continuous Improvement and has presented at multiple national conferences and healthcare organizations across the country.

Scott has been involved with Lean and Continuous Improvement efforts for 27 years. He left manufacturing (after 23 years at Autoliv) and 9 years ago he began applying Lean in Healthcare by accepting a position as Northern Region Continuous Improvement Director for Intermountain Healthcare.  This started as a Pilot only in the North region.  With the success of implementing Lean in the North, top leadership at Intermountain Healthcare chose to adopt the Continuous Improvement Model (Lean) at a system level.   Since then Scott has been asked to work at a system level, responsible for supporting Intermountain Senior leaders over hospitals, clinical services and Clinics as the Assistant Vice President of Continuous Improvement. 

Intermountain has seen over 250K thousand implemented ideas from their employees, millions of dollars in cost savings and significant improvement in Quality metrics.  The adoption and practice of the Intermountain Operating Model is credited from Intermountain’s Senior Leadership as the reason for improved results as they own and drive accountability.