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Purpose & Principles I S2 E46: Scott Miller — Master Mentors

Scott Jeffrey Miller

Scott Miller serves as a consultant and advisor after spending twenty-four years with FranklinCovey Co., as the Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership. Here, we talk about his new book: “Master Mentors,” and what he learned from so many great people along the way. 

He is the host of the FranklinCovey sponsored On Leadership With Scott Miller, a weekly leadership webcast, podcast, and newsletter that features interviews with renowned business titans, authors, and thought leaders and is distributed to more than six million business leaders worldwide. He was the host of the weekly radio program Great Life, Great Career With Scott Miller on iHeartMedia’s KNRS 105.9. This radio program and podcast provide insight and strategies drawn from FranklinCovey’s leadership principles and from Miller’s career and personal life experience to assist listeners in becoming more effective as business leaders and to improve their personal performance. Additionally, Miller authors a weekly leadership column for Inc. Magazine.