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Purpose & Principles | Special Episode – Blair & Tommy Lee: Race & Our Experience

Purpose & Principles  |  S2 Episode 40 - Jared Spataro, VP Microsoft on Humanizing the Workplace

Friends, it is easier to say nothing then to be criticized, but we decided that being quiet isn’t the right thing to do. Blair Dickens, Tommy Lee Hayes-Brown and myself, jumped on a zoom meeting to record a conversation about race, racism and our own experiences. To be clear, we have different perspectives. We grew up differently. We support the frontline responders and police who are good people serving in their communities. However, we also know that abuse of power happens. We also know people who are hurting and people have been mistreated. We agree that racism is real. Talking about racism is hard to do. Is it safe to express an opinion when tensions are so high? We talk about it here. This is a powerful dialogue. Please share it with your friends and colleagues. Let us know how we can bring more to this conversation in future episodes. May God bless all efforts to promote understanding, civility and peace. The way we treat each other matters.