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Purpose & Principles | Episode 9 – Gary Peterson – Coaching & Leadership

Purpose & Principles  |  S2 Episode 40 - Jared Spataro, VP Microsoft on Humanizing the Workplace

Gary Peterson is the EVP of Manufacturing at OC Tanner company. He is also a Shingo Examiner and board member at the Shingo Institute. Over the years, I’ve interviewed Gary several different times for instructional videos, culture conversations and points on manufacturing excellence and continuous improvement. In fact, I met Gary during my first week working at OC Tanner many years ago long before we were each in our respective positions. It was there where I was introduced to the Shingo Prize, continuous improvement and many other lean leadership concepts. Later, I led the intellectual property development at the Shingo Institute. So, Gary and I have many great experiences together, and here is the thing: Gary is a tremendous leader and I’m grateful to call him a friend.

Why do I share this history? Because this episode, while short and to the point, is full of so many great learning points and insights. I’m excited for you — the listener — to hear this conversation. Let me know what you think.